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I’m a tough love self-help writer. I’m here to help you improve how you interact and communicate with people, speak to yourself, and establish steps for growth.

I’ll share my mistakes and messy parts of life to help you feel less alone.

Today’s world is full of curated highlight reels and
over-saturated with life coaches who tell us how we should feel — but not how to realistically get there.

Life is full of pitfalls, and my version of happiness requires the really tough mental kind of hard work. The most vulnerable parts of my life have defined me — and have propelled me to my highest peaks.

Stick around and laugh at me.
Wince at me. Relate to me. And, hopefully,  learn from me.

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How to Survive a Breakup
When all of your friends are birthing their second child

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quiz on lisa

  • 1. What made you get into self-help writing?

    I’ve just found a niche in sharing my mistakes and people seem entertained!

  • 2. Why do you share such personal info with the world?

    There were so many times in my life where I felt very alone. I want to help one person say, “Her too?”

  • 3. After a stressful week, what’s on tap for your “Decompression Sessions?”

    a) Below Deck
    b) Malbec
    c) Chipotle, extra cheese
    d) Silenced phone
    e) All of the above

  • 4. What’s your greatest fear?

    a) Mediocrity
    b) Furry spiders and crickets (also, sprickets)
    c) Loneliness
    d) Driving in multiple lane roundabouts
    e) All of the above

  • 5. What’s a flaw of yours?

    I’m an anxious perfectionist.

  • 6. What TV shows have you been on for less than five seconds?

    a) The Dr. Oz Show
    b) Drunk History
    c) House of Cards
    d) The news after a football game
    e) All of the above

  • 7. What’s your dog’s name?

    Theodore Norman Cleary (Adopt, don’t shop!)

  • 8. What routine do you have when you write?

    I like an organized space – I get up early and then clean while I play Julia Michaels! Then I’ll write in complete silence for pretty long periods of time.

  • 9. What do you tell yourself in the morning to get out of bed?

    I can – and I will.