How to Survive a Breakup
When all of your friends are birthing their second child

At 31 years old, I experienced a tumultuous breakup, two unexpected moves, and a mass layoff in three months. I ditch the traditional “get-happy-now” tone to share my really messy meltdown from the perspective of a never-married female and everyone’s go-to bridesmaid. My portrayal of getting over the toxic milestone mentality at my age will help you get over your breakup — and then over yourself.

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Praise for How to Survive a Breakup
  • “I found Lisa’s advice both helpful and practical — even as a happily married woman (and one without children). Kudos to Lisa for having the courage, humor, and wisdom to share her journey with us!”
    - Amelia Cotter, author, featured on Travel Channel and Syfy
  • “Uplifting, inspiring, and hilarious...mix in a sprinkle of heartbreak and a whole lot of wisdom, and you have How to Survive a Breakup. Lisa Cleary is an exciting new voice well worth listening to.”
    - Richard Chizmar, New York Times Bestselling Author

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