Artist Ashley Longshore: On her paintings, ambitchousness, and wildfire-like mindset

Ashley Longshore is a self-taught pop culture artist who explores the American theme through her bedazzled paintings and sculptures: think elitism and materialism with a twist – along the lines of glitter cocaine, for instance.

Likened to Andy Warhol, Longshore fuses icons like Audrey Hepburn and Kate Moss with bawdy feminism and a go-getter, cheeky confidence. You might find inspiration in her depiction of Anna Wintour, adorned in pearls and fur with the caption, “What the fuck is a maxxinista?”

Or, you might find your own truth in her painting of RBG in a bright pink blouse that says, “I wish a bitch would.”

Longshore’s celebrity clientele includes a roster from the pages of Us Weekly: Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Kelly Ripa, Lorraine Schwartz and, as she puts it, “the hedgies and billionaires.”

The New York Times, People, Forbes and – pretty much everyone – have taken notice of the New Orleans-based artist. Longshore’s not only found herself – she in fact knows and celebrates herself, resonating confidence to her devoted following on Instagram.

What about the very wealth that serves as the catalyst for Longshore’s paintings? Her success now inspires those same luxury brands. Longshore has partnered with Judith Leiber Couture to create a limited edition collection of handbags (seen toted by Kris Kardashian), Titan Black for a line of Rolexes, and Bentley, among others.

Longshore is defining female empowerment, too. She was the first solo female artist to exhibit work at Bergdorf Goodman in its 100+ year history, and showcased displays in six massive windows along 5th Avenue.

On May 9, 2019, Longshore will partner with the highly sought-after floral and fragrance designer Eric Buterbaugh for her inaugural L.A. show. The three-week exhibit, “i dont do noɹɯɐן,” will be held at Buterbaugh’s gallery on Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood. The two will create a sensory experience of wealth, fame, and status in America, which will be told by floral artistry and paintings of iconic women and floral, brazen prints and messages.

What defines Longshore’s self-proclaimed version of “ambitchous?” Longshore explains it’s working hard and grasping the reality of life – read on for my Q&A session on creativity, character and confidence and, of course, carbs and champagne.

Q: You’ve mentioned working 16-hour days and taking action to crush goals on your Instagram. How do you define your own hard work?

The hotter the fire, the stronger the steel. I’m an American, we work, that is what we do. I don’t have an option. Daddy didn’t write me a check and I don’t put out for money and, funny enough, the harder I work, the luckier I get.

Q: How do you know when to call it a day – mentally and physically?

I am like a wildfire – I work until I put myself out. There is a rhythm to all of this madness – it’s a feeling.  It’s like knowing when to stop eating or drinking – it’s instinct.

Q: You maintain a strong mindset and discuss that with positivity also comes negativity – and that you get the “sads” sometimes, too. How do you process and then let go of negative thoughts?

Well, I have to just go through it, be patient with myself and just feel sad. Working ALWAYS makes me feel better. Being productive always helps my energy… but I do get anxious, and sad sometimes. It’s human. I also use Insta as my daily journal – I put out positive thoughts and 99% of the time, that’s what I get back. It makes me happy. I muster positive energy and it propels me into a different frequency.

Q: Embracing imperfection is a component of many of your posts. In going off of that theme, what’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done, and were you sorry for it? How about the nicest thing that’s ever been done for you?

I made a girl laxative cookies in the 8th grade. She was a bully and she deserved the runs, but I shouldn’t have done that. People do countless nice things for me all the time! I cry from happiness a lot, and people buying my art and believing in my talent is the cherry on top.

Q: What fuels your confidence, and why do women need more of it?

I fuel my confidence. I believe in me and I know myself very well. If I can love myself then I can handle all the shit sandwiches life is gonna serve. I have no choice but to be confident. This is my life, why wouldn’t I love me?? I honor my talent and I work as hard as I can. I have nothing to hide. I will get nowhere with self-loathing.

& finally…

Q: What’s your go-to drink after a bad day? How about after a good one?

I love a vodka martini with a twist – ice cold with a layer of shaved ice, and I love Pinot Noir… and I especially love Aperol spritzes.

Q: If you had to pick one carb to eat for the rest of your life (and only that carb), what would it be?

Bread y’all. Hawaiian rolls… yup.

Q: Tell me two truths and a lie:

  1. I love dancing around naked in my closet.
  2. I love eating cheese out of the fridge while naked.
  3. I have a dildo named the “homewrecker” in my bedside table.
Photos courtesy of Ashley Longshore
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- Lisa Cleary